This is an interactive SVG map I built for Liberty Surety. It uses jQuery and a jQuery SVG animation library written by Keith Wood. Roll over a continent to show it's name or click on it to zoom in. Once zoomed, you can click on a country for more information.

This is a Keno game I built for Scientific Games. Numbers are pulled from a hard-coded string. In practice this string will be generated by the lottery system. "Spots" fall to a position on the board dictated by the string of chosen numbers. Each Spot animates in from off screen in the opposite quadrant to the position in which they will fall. I was contracted to build the logic. SG fills in the design work per the specifications of each state where the game is deployed. Code-based animations are built with greensock's GSAP platform.

This is the original Keno game I built with Flash for Scientific Games. Click to replay.